Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: If this user has already submitted say 10 submissions to random campaigns of yours, you would still have to reject the others, but as soon as you check this box in the first rejection popup, they won't see your campaigns in the Tasks tab on the user side
When the user sends a proof, use the reject button,
Then check the box marked "Block this user..." this will stop that user from doing your campaign again.
then click Submit.
Tasks Changes.

You must not create multiple accounts. You must not fill in the incorrect profile information into TaskSewa such as name, age, address and gender. TaskSewa restricts users to one account per IP address.

Your average earnings greatly depends on a number of factors such as your Device you are using and how long you have been using the site for how much time you spend on TaskSewa.
Your earnings essentially reflect what advertisers are willing to pay you to do their tasks, or to get you to visit their site. If the advertiser sees good return for their commitment, then advertisers will be prepared to bid higher, then you will earn more.

Tasks are created by other Task Sewa users like you, that advertise their own sites to you and pay you for it, they Approve or Reject your work themselves, they have 4 days to Approve or Reject, if they fail to do either, we will automatically approve on day 5.

We have introduced the Task ban system due to many Advertisers that pay TaskSewa users to do their tasks, are getting far to many bad proofs and this is wasting time and money for both users and Advertisers. Task Ban has been set to 30 days, Task Tab will tell you how long you have to go. Your Notifications will tell you why the ban. If your approval rate drops below 30% you are permanent banned from tasks.

Send the new details to support and we will change it for you.

Try checking your Junk or Spam folder in your emails. If it still hasn't arrived after 10 minutes, email support.

On TaskSewa, there is no withdraw button. Payments are send when you reach the minimum payout of Rs 10.

The advertiser has up to 4 days to approve or reject your submission.

Unfortunately no. Everyone must abide by the same rules and we don't make exceptions to anyone else, otherwise this would be unfair.

We get this a lot. You may of course tell your friends about our program and earn commission on their earnings for life! Check out the Refer tab and click on TaskSewa for information on how to refer people.

You need to email support and tell us what the emails of both account holders are, and what payment method you are trying to set for both.

TaskSewa is 100% free to use.